The Lightning Network Gets Political

Even the Crypto super PAC is called Humanity Forward (Humanity FWD) also it enables some interesting improvements within the realm of crypto campaign financing. For one, Humanity FWD utilizes the Lightning Network to facilitate small Bitcoin payments. This tactic allows for more investor involvement. Primarily since it reduces the monthly prices connected with conventional Bitcoin transactions.

The volatility of Bitcoin does pose several exceptional challenges for its PAC. Especially, all donations not converted to fiat money at the moment has to be tracked and recorded. Ostensibly, if you give $100 in Bitcoin, also it moons the future day, then Humanity FWD has to reveal exactly how the extra funds were also gained.

According to Cohen, the pact need Bitcoin only during the initial 90 days. After that moment, fiat donors can participate also. When discussing the specific mechanisms of this PAC, Cohen explained that there’s not any last decision on whether to convert or hold Bitcoin donations to fiat currency.

To create Humanity FWD a reality, the most popular crypto payment processing platform, OpenNode employed their technical know-how. Discussing the need for the movement, Afnan Rahman, OpenNode’s CEO explained just how broadly, small Bitcoin supporters saw a lot of their donations gobbled up by mining prices.

If you think about that through the 2017-2018 elections, $570,000 in crypto donations were received by several candidates, it’s simple to find why scalability concerns are a real issue. In 2017, Bitcoin experienced delayed transactions and high prices due to system congestion. This go-around, donors won’t have to worry about these difficulties.


Speaking on this particular advantage, the band’s founder, Seth Cohen discussed Humanity FWD alleviates those concerns in detail. As an example, crypto donors today only pay a 1 percent commission, versus the nearly 5% commission charged by credit card chips. The low transaction costs make it possible for donors to be sure that most of these donation goes to where they intended.

Barred BTC contributions

Humanity FWD Financing Concerns

The Lightning Network is placed to get a real gap in the upcoming 20 20 presidential race because of a group of savvy crypto investors. Andrew Yang, found by most at the cryptocommunity since the best candidate for block-chain technology moving ahead, received any critical backing this week following friends of well-known Bitcoiners formed a super PAC to help his presidential bid.

Satoshi for President

With the 20 20 elections just around the corner, the block-chain sector continues to create trainings. It’s going to be intriguing to see the effects with this developing industry on today’s political landscape moving FWD.

Humanity FWD sees with Andrew Yang because crypto’s best candidate continue. He is the only candidate to specify his crypto intentions to people. If elected, Yang promises to bring more clarity in to the crypto sector.

While crypto political fund raising isn’t anything new, the addition of this Lightning Network increases the efficacy of the strategy somewhat. In the past, some countries decided to ban crypto donations such as California and South Carolina, but those states are the exception.