We at Veritatis Politica have four levels of endorsement for candidates running for political office. The four levels of endorsement are the Full Veritatis Politica endorsement, the Partial Veritatis Politica endorsement, the Game Theory Veritatis Politica endorsement, and the Veritatis Politica Can’t Endorse endorsement, which is different from not publishing an endorsement.  Every endorsement will be accompanied with an article explaining our reasoning.

The Full Veritatis Politica Endorsement is the our highest endorsement; it is given to candidates who not only have stated ideals that agree with our belief system on the campaign trail but also have a long and unwavering record of supporting those ideals.  Note we may not be 100% aligned with any candidate ever but 100% alignment is not required nor should it be implied.

Our Partial Veritatis Politica Endorsement is given to candidates who campaign on ideals that we share but either do not have a voting record to check or only have a very short record.  Far too often a politician will say or imply one thing on the campaign trail and put forth a totally different agenda starting the day they are sworn in.  The Partial Endorsement is our way of noting that while we like the campaign rhetoric we have yet to see action.  It does not necessarily mean we do not trust that candidate but we do want to make a clear distinction between words and words backed by action and the Partial and Full endorsements are used to make that distinction.

Our Veritatis Politica Game Theory Endorsement is for candidates that we may not even agree with but they are clearly the better of the two options and we are not so repulsive by their ideals and voting record that we would not vote for them in the election given the choices.  We might not be happy or excited about it but we will still at least vote for this candidate.

Our Veritatis Politica Can’t Endorse is for candidates that while may be perceived as “on our side” we have lost so much faith in them that we will not vote for them even given the options which may even be worse.  This endorsement is for when we would not vote for a candidate, even if they were the slightly less repulsive choice.  If we would vote third party or write in a candidate before we would in good conscience vote for a candidate this is the endorsement for them.

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