Despachos de Guerra por Michael Herr

Despachos de Guerra por Michael Herr

Titulo del libro: Despachos de Guerra

Autor: Michael Herr

ISBN: 8433925474

Michael Herr con Despachos de Guerra

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When Michael Herr went to Vietnam in 1967 as a correspondent forEsquirehe was a virtually unknown writer. But he quickly became a celebrated author after the publication of his famous article Hellish tastes, andhisreputationgrew with the steady appearance of more of his works. War Dispatchesconfirmedwhat his first admirers had seen: no one has written, nor will probably ever write, such an eloquent vigorous and terrifying account of what it was like to fight (and survive) in that ghostly war. Many books have been written about Vietnam, but this book is unique: a timeless work of bravery that will remain among the best books ever written about men at war. This masterpiece of New Journalism won the International Press Award in 1978.