In It To Win It, & Don’t You Forget It!

By Mike Tietsort

For Veritatis Political 3/22/16


I keep hearing about these so called Democrats and corporate media pundits calling for Senator Sanders to step aside and let the Party get on with concentrating on winning the General Election against the Republicans with the inevitable Democratic Nominee, Secretary Clinton.  There are several problems with that thought though.

Senator Sanders is far from finished or defeated in this Primary Election, and nothing is inevitable about Secretary Clinton.  As of the writing of this article only 49.7% of the State’s Delegates on the Democratic side have been allocated (three States are voting today, tomorrow it will be 52.8% of the pledged Delegates accounted for).  The early voting States favored Secretary Clinton while the later States favor Senator Sanders.  Senator Sanders has won at least 9 States so far (I say at least 9 States because when fact checking for this article I noticed they have taken Iowa’s results down and are examining them) and has finished within 2 points of winning in 4 other States (counting Iowa).  In normal Primary Elections if a Candidate is not doing very well after Super Tuesday their funding runs out because their super donators don’t want to A. throw money away on a losing effort and B. don’t want to get on the wrong side of the likely next President; however the Senator Sanders campaign is not dependent on, or beholding to, super donors, in fact he out find raised her in the last FEC reporting period.  The polling guru Nate Silver has changed his modeling after the Michigan Primary and has Senator Sanders likely to win 7 of the next 8 States including 2 of the three tonight.  If Silver’s new system is accurate, after the next eight States vote Senator Sanders would have won 16 States, to Secretary Clinton’s 17 with Iowa still in question and 16 States still waiting to vote including California, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland who all have 100+ Delegates California has 548 (those 5 States account for 1,309 Delegates pledged and unpledged, which is more than Secretary Clinton currently has and 27.5% of the total Delegates).  Speaking of unpledged Delegates or Super Delegates, if the Clinton Camp is counting on Super Delegates to be the difference they need to realize that it will split the Party instantly if Super Delegates propel her over the majority of the vote; if the Democratic Party uses insiders to over turn the voice of their members then the members will overthrow the Democratic Party.  All of this plus the most telling reason, the ground swell Senator Sanders is getting.  I will likely have to post this article before I really want to (before prof reading and checking numbers) and edit it tomorrow because I am going to a Sanders Rally shortly.  This Rally was announced Sunday night at 7:30 PM for 5:00 PM on Tuesday, less than 48 hours’ notice, and within 12 hours they would not take any more RSVPs because the venue, the San Diego Convention Center which is by no means small, was “full”.  Secretary Clinton could not pull that off plain and simple, she could not with less than 2 days’ notice and very little publicity fill the San Diego Convention Center.  Senator Sanders has drawn larger crowds than any other Candidate in every part of the Country.  Senator Sanders has an army of volunteers working the phones, knocking doors, posting on Facebook, and doing whatever they can.

As for these so called Democrats and corporate media pundits, well let’s just say they are showing were they stand if we did not already know.  Senator Claire McCaskill has been one of the most vocal of the so called Democrats, but as a Progressive I personally stopped caring what she has to say years ago.  According to Senator McCaskill is in the 5 most to the right on their ideology score of all Democratic Senators.  She has supported the Keystone XL pipeline, and has a life time score of only 72% on the League of Conservation Voters score card.  According to she supports “requiring illegal immigrants to return to their country of origin before they are eligible for citizenship”.

As for corporate media, well much like Senator McCaskill I personally stopped caring what they say years ago, except that I know it carries influence on so many others.  In the same segment corporate media will say that Senator Sanders who has won 9 States,  been within 2 points in 4 other States, is only trailing by 15.8% of the pledged Delegates so far, with 50.3% of the race left has no shot, then in the next breath say that both Senator Cruz who has won 8 States, come within 2 points in 2 more, is trailing by 25.5%, with only 39.8% of the race remaining and Governor Kasich  who has only won his home State, come within 2 points of winning 1 other State (and Washington D.C.), and is trailing by 43.0%  again with only 39.8% of the race left have a shot.

Remember Super Delegates do not vote until the Convention and they are not committed to anyone at this point.  Grant it some Super Delegates will vote for a Candidate no matter what, President William Clinton is a Super Delegate and I think we can count him as unmovable, but the rest of the Super Delegates or nowhere near as firm.




Again apologies to the few who see this before I can proof read it and double check everything, check back later.


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