The Progressive Question: Part 1

By Mike Tietsort
For Veritatis Politica

       A lot has been made in this Democratic Primary Election over what is or is not Progressive and by extension who is or is not a Progressive. Considering the amount of intentional blurring of the lines of political definitions, by those with vested interests, this is not surprising. I do not agree with the Fox News definition of Progressive nor the slightly different MSNBC News definition of Progressive or really NBC’s, CBS’, or CNN’s definitions which all seem to vary slightly from each other and none seem to capture the true meaning of the term. In fairness it is not always easy to define ideologies and some measure of ambiguity is expected but I find most definitions from corporate media are misleading. I consider myself to be a politically astute person who self identifies as a Progressive. I majored in Political Science at an excellent and highly ranked public University that boasted, and still boasts, an extremely highly ranked Political Science department. I have worked on political elections and on issue advocacy campaigns. However even with years of study and work experience in the political field, I often have no idea what many pundits or politicians mean when they use a term like Progressive, Liberal, or Conservative. I know what they are trying to imply but I often disagree with their implication, especially when the claim goes against actions such as votes and sponsoring legislation. In this three part article I will attempt to straighten this intentionally distorted term and its use. In the first part of this three part article I will define the term Progressive as I interpret it. In the second part I will examine the Progressive credentials of Senator Sanders and Secretary Clinton. In the final installment of this series I will explore the question of what a Progressive should do this election cycle in regards to the Presidential race.

As I stated above I do not agree with the corporate television definition of the term Progressive. Furthermore in preparation for this article I checked several web sites and found that much like corporate television there is a lot of disinformation on the internet, I know shocking isn’t it. While most corporate media, and from what I have seen, most internet definitions of Progressive as well revolve around race. Race is not the major defining factor of being a Progressive, although it is a significant factor. The single most important factor for a Progressive is the economic system of the Nation. This is by far the biggest issue because it drives so many other issues including race relations/social justice,


This is just the beginning of an article I started writing for this site, it is an unfinished piece that I am currently using to test the layout of the site.  The title would be “The Progressive Question: Part 1” instead of “Test”, and I do not see exactly where I should put the by line.

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