Veritatis Politica’s 2016 Presidential Endorsement

By Mike Tietsort
For Veritatis Politica

       I am proud to give the Full Veritatis Politica Endorsement for the 2016 Presidential election to Senator Bernie Sanders….

Without hesitation we give a Full Veritatis Politica Endorsement to Senator Sanders who is not only campaigning on a Progressive platform he has an unquestionable record of supporting Progressive ideals going all the way back to 1961 while a University of Chicago student. In the second Democratic debate Senator Sanders said

let me make this promise, one of the problems we have had, I think all Americans understand this, whether it is Republican administrations or Democrat administrations we have seen Wall Street and Goldman Sacs dominate administrations, here is my promise Wall Street representatives will not be in my Cabinet!
Senator Sanders 2nd Democratic Debate 2015 Drake University

That is the very heart of the matter and Senator Sanders is the only candidate in either Party who will not fill their cabinet with Wall Street representatives. Senator Sanders has a long history calling out Wall Street from confronting then FED Chair Allan Greenspan (the FED Chair of the Reagan, Bush HW, Clinton WJ, and Bush GW administrations) about the LTCM bail out….


Again this is an excerpt from an unfinished unpublished article for site testing.  Note still can’t change the by line how I want it.



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